Insight into the game of existence and how humanity came to life.

Insight into the game of existence and how humanity came to life.
Photo by Davide Cantelli / Unsplash

Since your first conscious thought, you've been driven by an insatiable hunger for discovery. You yearn to unravel the secrets of the universe, to uncover the hidden truths that elude explicit explanation. Moreover, you seek to discover your authentic, untamed nature and learn how to navigate the realm of humanity while transcending its limitations. 

The pursuit of knowledge and exploration fills you with a sense of euphoria. Sharing the wisdom you gather and imparting your learnings feeds a deep part of your soul that craves the act of giving. However, you also find yourself driven by certain discomfort and fear.

After all, you didn't progress through your childhood unscathed. Habits were formed, leaving lasting imprints. Lessons were enforced through punishment, and fears were instilled through guilt and shame. 

As much as you dislike admitting it, these imprints subtly shape your life. They seep into every experience, like invisible particles in the air, creating an invisible shell of doubt that whispers, "I am not capable." 

This feeling arises from a simultaneous demand for discipline and perfection

This caused you to enter the social system of education with apprehension in your heart. When you were in school, you either excelled while harboring a nagging animosity toward the system, or you sank beneath a mountain of dry facts that no one bothered to transform into knowledge.

This survival mechanism that is instilled in us and intended to determine our existence was developed with the help of our leaders, and politicians. But if you are reading this, you’ve started to awaken. 

You’ve begun to see that these authorities have limited your full potential by implanting a specific set of beliefs and behaviors. As an adult, you have some semblance of control over your actions. You can read books, seek wisdom, attend events, and create an outward appearance of discipline, hard work, drive, and inspiration, earning recognition for your trajectory. But deep within, you know that you are only expressing a fraction of your true capabilities. 

Your primal fears rear their heads in the face of failure, rejection, or humiliation, and the ingrained survival systems continue to hold you back, forcing you to hide behind the illusion of safety where you are comfortable playing small.

You live in a paradoxical reality where you feel as if you are seen but not seen, listened but not heard, and acknowledged but not understood.

Many people around you are comfortable with their mundane employment, watching television, engaging in useless activities, and finding peace in a mediocre existence, but a constant existential question mark consumes you, so you are not allowed to live an average life. 

What does being a human mean? 

What is your purpose? 

Why do you never fit in? 

Will you ever feel what it's like to truly be seen, heard, and understood?

Beneath the layers of hurt, shame, fear, guilt, and stress that have accumulated within your heart, there resides a steady and unchanging rhythm, far deeper than the physical. You sense an innate calling to radiate your true essence. 

This yearning is almost instinctive, and you frequently find yourself lost in daydreams and visions of the person you could become. Anything that obstructs your path to illumination feels like suffocation. 

However, there are no well-defined roads, maps, or signposts guiding you toward your heart's deepest desires. Uncovering your mission demands embarking on a journey that few have traversed, and even fewer have undertaken while honoring the well-being of their soul.

Instead of grappling with our missions, many of us deceive ourselves into believing that mere productivity can fill the void, rather than confronting the discomfort that accompanies our profound, purposeful calling. Yet, somehow, you persist in your exploration. 

Isn't that intriguing?

Against all odds, and even against the ingrained survival systems that have been programmed within you since conception, you possess an insatiable hunger for a reality richer and more profound than what most people can fathom. 

I call this occurrence the soul “call". The "call" is a warm, radiant power that has limitless possibilities. It carries a calm clarity that pierces your world's delusions and diversions. It permeates all of your thoughts, aspirations, and objectives, acting as your most important moral compass. It becomes increasingly difficult to ignore the call the more you recognize it.

The call is infused with divine guidance, an inner knowing that surpasses the reliability of any physical promise. At times, defying all logic and reason, you choose to listen to the call, granting you glimpses into your fullest potential. 

The call aims to propel you toward heightened self-awareness, providing you with unique opportunities to grow and develop your ability to access the call’s wisdom. It also aims to teach you how to authentically understand and spread it to others. 

The call yearns to be spread among the masses, yet it refuses to bestow its power upon those who are not wholly dedicated to shedding everything that is incongruent with its essence. 

If you have come into contact with this alluring force of transformation, understand that you are chosen. Recognize that the “call” possesses the wisdom to communicate solely with those courageous enough to act upon its guidance. Know that you are never burdened with more than what you can handle within this lifetime.

Will you embrace the road that leads through fire and into the depths of transformational waters? is a straightforward yet significant question. I feel compelled to warn you in case you choose to take this incredible adventure about the supernatural events that will take place. 

Humans will naturally gravitate towards aiding your mission, and synchronicities will illuminate your path like beacons, affirming that you are headed in the right direction. 

Your heart will expand, shedding layers of tension, as trust, support, and warm, loving energy permeate your existence. Gradually, you will find solace, awakening to a newfound sense of freedom.

However, it is crucial to recognize the weight of responsibility and the need for unwavering devotion to attaining true liberation. 

In exchange for your commitment, the call will continue to bestow upon you profound wisdom, enlightenment, challenges, and the resources necessary to thrive in every aspect of your life.

If you are reading these words, both my life and yours are intertwined on a shared journey of discovering how the call guides us toward higher consciousness. We are on a mission to bring higher awareness to the world. 

The call will instruct us on how to attentively listen, attune ourselves, and channel the call’s transformative power into every facet of our lives. 

I have read many spiritual and “sacred books” but the one I decided to mention the most here is the bible because my family preached it to me when I was growing up. 

Although I respect all religious beliefs, it does not necessarily means I agree with them. All of the information I am about to share is what I’ve gathered after talking to higher-dimensional entities including “demons” and “angels”.

For years, I was an atheist, I went to church out of obligation, but nothing they preached made any sense to me which is why I became a science geek instead. They made me believe God was a mean person who watched over me and would send me to hell if I made a mistake. 

They wanted to tame my brave soul, and keep me quiet, and under control by preaching fear over love. But, I have no resentment or regrets because it was all part of my journey, and I am grateful for all of it. I am glad I grew up Christian because now, I have a deeper understanding of everything. 

God has existed forever. 

This is a difficult concept to grasp for the atheist, but no beginning or ending exists. Yet, God is not some anthropomorphic figure watching us and judging us from above. God lives within you. It exists as infinite and limited simultaneously. 

God is both the creator and the destroyer. God is both brightness and darkness. God is everything there is and ever will be. God both produced and obliterated itself. Although it can be challenging to comprehend and accept, even the idea of "nothing" is something.

Think about it, the word nothing has a meaning. We gave it meaning. The human mind cannot fathom absolute nothingness because existence is intertwined with something and nothingness throughout eternity. 

This complex understanding is the foundation of our existence, as we navigate the dance of illusory duality.

Paradoxically, opposing elements can coexist fully, such as good and evil.

Life is a constant cycle of death and rebirth, mirroring the infinite nature of God. 

Ever since my spiritual awakening, I have been obsessed with the phoenix because it represents eternal death and rebirth. I work with fire during ceremonies because I like mastering the art of transmuting and transcending which fire helps us do. 

This represents the true essence of "God": an infinite force. Ultimately, we are all manifestations of God, experiencing existence as sparks of the divine. We are participants in the game of life, engaging in creation, destruction, and exploration. We are God's way of exploring its consciousness.

We are simply different expressions of the vast God's mind. Have you ever considered that your reality might be a hallucination within the mind of God? 

From the grandest galaxies to the tiniest particles, everything is an expression of God.

We exist within the mind of God, where it experiences itself. 

We are experiencing the fractal nature of reality. This is the essence of "creation." The creator is also the destroyer. 

However, this raises the question that you are eager to ask: What happens when God awakens from this dream? 

The day God (which includes us) wakes up from its dream is the day it begins the dream again. The mind of God will perpetually dream in the infinite dance of illusion, as true nothingness cannot exist. 

If you are ready to discover how you came to be, keep reading the next posts, if you are not, stop here! 

Let us commence this voyage, shall we?