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About Zurlia

Zurlia is a 31-year-old industrial psychologist who worked in big companies in corporate America for a couple of years before quitting and beginning her traveling expedition which took her to over 30 countries over the past six years. The past four years were spent on a strictly spiritual journey. 

Her spiritual awakening first occurred during the pandemic in 2020; while she was surrounding herself with the Mayan culture in Mexico. Before that, she always had a feeling life had more to offer than corporate America. She never believed in the American dream but she was ambitious and curious and has always questioned existence. Yet, although she visited many churches and temples, she never fully connected to religion. 

During her first big spiritual awakening, she experienced what the spiritual community recognizes as the dark night of the soul where she lost everything. She lost her marriage, friendships, secure income, and everything that gave her the stability she had built for herself over the years. 

While experiencing pain, she also was simultaneously experiencing coincidences that she could not give logic to, and her psychic abilities were spontaneously activated. Before 2020, Zurlia was a person who only believed in science, and mystical and spiritual beliefs were nonsense to her. 

The author began speaking to different higher-dimensional entities which were terrifying at first, yet while trying to logically explain what was happening, she continued her journey which took her to plant medicine (ayahuasca, Hape, and magic mushrooms) that drove her deeper into her spiritual journey. 

Zurlia was called to serve plant medicine, and currently, she has held retreats and ceremonies all over the world in her mission to help humanity activate its light codes and raise consciousness. Now, she is on a mission to share her wisdom with those who are willing to listen, to create a tribe of the warriors of purpose. 

This blog aims to simplify the key points that Zurlia believes humanity must know for the masses to remember who they truly are. 

Not everything written in this blog will be to your taste. The goal here is to open your mind; not to persuade you to believe anything you don't want to. Reality is stranger than fiction and even difficult to accept, but the truth must be told whether you agree with it or not.

To explore this blog, you don’t have to be ready, but you are required to be willing, and keep an open mind.